Bua Kaw faced off against Nayanesh 'Ayman' Ayman

In the boxing ring, Bua Kaw sought redemption as he bid farewell to the kickboxing scene.

Bua Kaw, a renowned Thai boxer, faced off against Nayanesh ‘Ayman’ Ayman, a Spanish kickboxer and his old adversary whom Bua Kaw had defeated with a knockout five years ago. In this fight, Nayanesh aimed to clear his name, while Bua Kaw sought vengeance, concluding his kickboxing career.

The match took place on December 2nd at the Ratchadamnern Stadium. Bua Kaw, once again, showcased his prowess in the kickboxing rules, with three rounds of punches only, and no elbow strikes allowed. Bua Kaw utilized his skills strategically, delivering precise blows to Ayman, causing the referee to count to eight after a knockdown in the first round. Although Ayman managed to rise, Bua Kaw continued to dominate, eventually securing a unanimous victory.


This victory marked a beautiful end to Bua Kaw’s kickboxing career, showcasing his dedication to physical fitness training. Looking ahead, Bua Kaw is set to transition to international-style boxing, focusing on serious and rigorous training. He is gearing up for the historic match, ‘THE MATCH OF PHANTOMS,’ against the legendary global kickboxer, Manny Pacquiao, scheduled for the year 2024.