Press Release: Clarification Regarding "The Match of Legend" Event – Event Not Cancelled


9th Feb 2024 – We are writing to address recent reports regarding the highly anticipated boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Buakaw Banchamek, also known as “The Match of Legend.”

Contrary to some circulated information, “The Match of Legends” has not been canceled.

While discussions for the event date are ongoing, some inaccurate reports have unfortunately surfaced suggesting its cancellation. We appreciate your interest in this potential match and assure you that official updates will be communicated directly through our authorized channels once confirmed.

We understand the enthusiasm surrounding this potential and apologize for any confusion caused by the premature reports. We remain committed to delivering a captivating event worthy of these legendary athletes and their dedicated fans.

Please stay tuned for announcements through our official website and social media pages for further updates on “The Match of Legend.”

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Tigonz Company Limited
on behalf of Fresh Air Festival and Moon & Star Walk

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