Fresh Air Festival Hosts Explosive Boxing Showdown: Manny Pacquiao vs Buakaw Banchamek Clash in “The Match of Legends”

Bangkok, Thailand – The world is about to witness an epic showdown between two legendary athletes in THE MATCH OF LEGEND: Manny “Packman” Pacquiao vs Buakaw Banchamek, hosted by Fresh Air Festival Co., Ltd. The fight of history is set to take place in 2024. The project is valued at US$25 million, or about 900 million baht. The venue has not yet been determined whether to host the battle in Thailand or abroad, pending for an appropriate broadcast time, according to Mr. Vinij Lertratanachai, CEO of Fresh Air.

The press conference: “THE MATCH OF LEGEND” was held by Mr. Vinij Lertratanachai, CEO of Fresh Air Co., Ltd. and Mr. Suvit Thongrompo, Chief Marketing Officer at SF Corporation PLC at ICONSIAM Park, ICON SIAM, on July 21, 2023

Fresh Air Festival Co., Ltd. has a strong track record of organizing incredible events, such as The Match Bangkok Century Cup 2022, which featured two of the biggest football clubs in the world, Liverpool and Manchester United. 

From such an event at that time, there came an idea created for this new event. Because both boxers Pacquiao and Buakaw are considered legendary boxers in international boxing and Thai boxing circles that people around the world know and want them to return to be the world of sports again. “THE MATCH OF LEGEND was conceived from the concept of creating a new event that focuses on attracting world-class athletes to organize competitions, said Vinij. 

“In what is being hailed as a monumental event, the upcoming boxing match is set to make history as two renowned fighters prepare to face off in a highly anticipated showdown. This eagerly awaited duel will showcase the skills and prowess of two world-class boxers. In a groundbreaking development, renowned Muay Thai fighter Buakaw is set to make his highly anticipated debut in the realm of international boxing. With an impressive track record of never being knocked down, Pacquiao has solidified his status as a boxing legend. The prospect of witnessing these two iconic fighters clash in the ring has garnered significant attention from the sports industry worldwide. Pacquiao’s appearance confirms the highly anticipated bout in Q1, 2024. In a recent development, the venue is yet determined whether it will take place in Thailand or in a different location abroad. Stay tuned for more updates on this matter,” said Vinij.

He added the rules of the competition see a total of 6 rounds. Each round runs 3 minutes with a 2-minute break between rounds, using international rules approved by the World Boxing Council (WBC) in which the champion will win the belt.

This event is considered a match that has a higher value than past events.  “THE MATCH OF LEGEND” is a project with a budget of up to US$25 million or about 900 million baht.

Pacquiao said he was glad to have the opportunity to go up to the stage to fight with Buakaw. He has not practiced much but he played basketball. But this match is a full punch, not a punch show. I’d like to tell Buakaw that the international boxing it’s not hard to do. And there are many more months of training left to fight each other.

“Buakaw Banchamek” is the best Thai boxer and the legend. He won the K-1 championship for 2 times. Regarding turning to the international boxing for the first time, he did not expect before to fight with Pacquiao. I thought it’s just a talking for fun with Khun Vinit that I would like to fight with Pacquiao. After that in two months, Khun Vinit called and told me that he had arranged a dream match for me.

“When I learned that I would fight with Pacquiao I was very happy that I could fulfill my dream and try to practice more the international boxing. But I’m not sure if the punching day will come off the Mae Mai Muay Thai or not. I really focus on this fight. It’s a real fight, not a show. I want all the fans and everyone to come cheer on this match. I can tell that it will be fun and won’t disappoint the fans, “said Buakaw.

After finishing the press conference, Vinit and  Suvit presented the WBC belts, which are modeled as bracelets, for Pacquiao and Buakaw. The belt will be given to the champion of The Match of Legend.


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