Chinese girl Li Jinxiang received a warm welcome upon arriving at the Bua Kaw gym in Thailand

Driven by a strong passion and determination to learn Muay Thai from the legendary Thai boxer “Bua Kaw Bancharmek,” he became an inspiration for “Li Jinxiang”. Leaving the ‘Dragon Land,’ she embarked on a journey from China to Chiang Mai, covering 2,409 kilometers on a tandem bicycle.

“Li Jinxiang”, a Chinese girl with a love for martial arts from Mianyang, China, arrived at the Bua Kaw Bancharmek gym in Mae Taeng district, Chiang Mai, on November 24, 2023. Her 35-day journey gained attention on social media, reaching the impressive rank of third on the Weibo charts. She met with her ‘hero’ and found a warm reception from Bua Kaw and the team.

Eager to start her training in the art of Muay Thai, “Li Jinxiang” was welcomed warmly by “Bua Kaw” and his team. They immediately began training, as she aspires to become a skilled Muay Thai fighter and hopes to step into the ring soon.”