Nayanesh's Challenge to Bua Kaw

For 33 years, Bua Kaw Banchamek, also known as “Bua Kaw Bancharmek,” has never compromised his principles in the realm of Thai boxing. Whether it be every strike, every kick, or every elbow thrown, Bua Kaw’s dedication and focus have consistently aimed at delivering optimal performances in every bout. This commitment was evident in his recent triumph over a longtime friend of over 20 years, Saenchai. Despite having to shed more than 10 kilograms for the fight, Bua Kaw secured a victory against Saenchai, emphasizing the skill and determination of both fighters.


The outcome of this significant match, culminating in Bua Kaw’s victory, sparked a continuous buzz in the combat sports community. Consequently, BKFC extended an invitation to Bua Kaw to face none other than Conor McGregor’s protégé, “Conor McGregor,” a fighter who holds championships in two different UFC weight classes simultaneously. McGregor’s impressive record includes a 13-second victory over former featherweight champion José Aldo at UFC 194, marking the fastest win in UFC championship history. Additionally, McGregor secured a win over former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205.

The proposed challenge for Bua Kaw involves adhering to the same rules as his recent fight with Saenchai in the 69.5-kilogram category, using only bare hands, prohibiting the use of wraps, kicks, elbows, and knees. However, Bua Kaw has yet to confirm his participation as he has another commitment, an upcoming bout in the RWS: Legend of Rajadamnern event on December 2nd against “Lion Lord ” Nayanesh Ayman, a Spanish-born fighter with a Kongkao lineage. This particular fight holds significance as Nayanesh had previously faced Baw Kaew in China five years ago, resulting in a victory for Bua Kaw.

Since that defeat, Nayanesh has dedicated himself to training and competition, transforming into a formidable opponent. Meeting Bua Kaw once again, Nayanesh aims to “erase the past” and secure a victory in this upcoming bout, adding another layer of challenge for Bua Kaw.

This impending fight against Nayanesh presents a substantial challenge for Bua Kaw, who is determined to maintain his reputation and overcome this formidable opponent. The match is anticipated to be a rigorous test and a noteworthy event in Bua Kaw ‘s esteemed career, creating a buzz around this pivotal bout!