Buakaw Strike 2023

“During the preparation phase for the historical fight with legendary boxer “Manny Pacquiao” in “THE MATCH OF LEGEND,” in the “Buakaw” category, Colonel Sombat Banchamek, or “Buakaw” Banchamek, a legendary Muay Thai boxer, took a break from training on the mat and joined the training for Strike 2023, the “Thai-Chinese Relationship” integration, at the Special Warfare Division 4 camp in Wang Thong, Phitsanulok.

Apart from participating in military training, “Buakaw” also took on the role of teaching the art of Thai boxing to Chinese soldiers, fostering cultural exchange and mutual understanding. This is another activity where “Buakaw” has actively contributed to promoting Thai culture and the deep appreciation of the art of Thai boxing among foreigners.